Spark Well

It is normal to feel overwhelmed or stuck at times.  We all do.  Life is messy, and we don't always have the right tools for the particular challenges we are facing at any given time.  Many people seek counseling when a big crisis or life event happens, then they find that the tools they gain are also valuable in addressing more everyday struggles.

I designed Spark Well as a more accessible resource for people who are interested in learning about counseling tips and tools that they can apply in their own lives now.  

Sparking Curiosity:  Spark Well classes and events are informal opportunities to glean strategies -think life hacks - for facing challenges that are impacting many of us.

Sparking Confidence: the goal of Spark Well is to promote confidence and purpose in your pursuit of personal and relational wellbeing.

Upcoming Micro-classes:

September 13, 7:00-8:30, NYC Financial District 

September 27, 7-8:30, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Fall Charlotte dates announced soon, at exciting locations!!